Print 18 In-Plant Panelists Announced for Workflow Flossing Session

Announcing Panelists for “In-plant Panel: Workflow Flossing” Print 18 Session A perennial favorite, the in-plant panel seminar at Print 18 is back. This year the session is titled “In-Plant Panel: Workflow Flossing,” and will be held on Sunday, September 30th in Chicago from 10-10:50 am. Register for session R3 or use code Save35RSA when registering

6 “W’s” of Production Print- Who Produces it?

Meet the Producers of Production Print Part of the Production Print Workflow Education Series. Information for dealers, reps and owners, and print equipment vendors to understand production print, production print workflow, the benefits to you and how to sell it. This is the second article in “The 6 ‘W’s’ of Production Print Workflow.” Our first

In-Plant Print Centers’ 10-Step Plan for Working with IT

I recently interviewed Teddy Abad-Perez, State of Colorado Division of Central Services, Department of Personnel & Administration- IDS Multi-Function Printer Program Manager and Brenda Berlin, State of Colorado Financial Services, Governor’s Office of Information Technology- Deputy Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer. Teddy and Brenda agreed to further detail the “10-Step Plan for Working with

The Five Leading In-Plant Issues Series – No. 5: Adding Services

Adding Services – Expanding Workflow Features to Offer New Services In this fifth article in the series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we look at some of the new services in-plants are offering to meet the challenges of growth and relevancy. Expanding workflow features can enable an in-plant to offer new

The Five Leading In-Plant Issues Series: No. 4 – Growing the In-Plant

In-plant leaders that are growing their operations are engaged for the future. How are they doing this? In this fourth article in the series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we answer that question. I spoke with four in-plants – State of Colorado, University of Oklahoma, Dynamic Funds, part of the third

See Efficiency Ideas from RSA at DigiGov

Rochester Software Associates will be exhibiting In-plant Graphics' DigiGov, The Digital Printing in Government and Higher Ed Conference on May 3rd, 2016 at the GPO in Washington, DC. At the conference, we'll be sharing ideas ideas to optimize your in-plant's efficiency. For instance,  speed up customer ordering, increase efficiency and supercharge production with the newest

Relevancy Is the No. 3 Top Issue Facing In-Plants

In article one in this series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we discussed how in-plants address outsourcing, and in article two, reducing costs. Third in the series, this article looks at how in-plants remain relevant to their parent organizations and their customers. Four in-plant managers from some of the largest in-plants

3 Critical Success Factors for Web To Print Success

By Howie Fenton, VP Consulting Services One of the interesting web to print puzzles is why most implementations succeed while others fail. In NAPL’s (now Epicomm) 2013 research, “Web to Print: the Promise, the Potential, and the Reality,” more than half of those surveyed said web to print had increased sales and two thirds said

In-Plant Printers: 11 Tips for Building an ROI and Selling Your Vision to Management

Data In-Plants Need to Gather, Track & Use to Effectively Communicate Value Guest Blogger: Michal Gatti, Manager, Fairfax County Government Print Services A few months ago, I delivered a presentation at a conference called “Building an ROI and Selling Your Vision to Upper Management.” In the session, I offered detailed tips about what data in-plants