Workflow Flossing Print 18 Panelist Closeup- Sherri Isbell

OU to Discuss Dynamic Workflow Process on Print 18 In-plant Panel This is the third article introducing each of the three in-plant panelists for the Print 18 “In-Plant Panel: Workflow Flossing” session I’m moderating on September 30th. The panel features in-plant leaders in Healthcare, Government and Higher Education. The in-plant panelists will share their perspectives

Print 18 In-Plant Panelists Announced for Workflow Flossing Session

Announcing Panelists for “In-plant Panel: Workflow Flossing” Print 18 Session A perennial favorite, the in-plant panel seminar at Print 18 is back. This year the session is titled “In-Plant Panel: Workflow Flossing,” and will be held on Sunday, September 30th in Chicago from 10-10:50 am. Register for session R3 or use code Save35RSA when registering

The Future of In-Plants

The Future of In-Plants The latest State of the Industry report written by Andy Paparozzi, the Chief Economist at IdeaAlliance, was recently published. In his presentation at a recent conference, Andy spoke of the decline in overall work from a high of $98.3B in 2007 to a low of $77B in 2011. Since then however,

From Potential Outsourcing to Outstanding- One In-plant’s Adaption to Save Itself

How Web to Print Positions In-plant as a Chameleon Located in Appleton, WI, Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), the largest higher education system in the state. FVTC offers more than 200 associate degree, technical diploma and certificate programs, and instruction related to 15 apprenticeship trades, in

The Five Leading In-Plant Issues Series – No. 5: Adding Services

Adding Services – Expanding Workflow Features to Offer New Services In this fifth article in the series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we look at some of the new services in-plants are offering to meet the challenges of growth and relevancy. Expanding workflow features can enable an in-plant to offer new

The Five Leading In-Plant Issues Series: No. 4 – Growing the In-Plant

In-plant leaders that are growing their operations are engaged for the future. How are they doing this? In this fourth article in the series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we answer that question. I spoke with four in-plants – State of Colorado, University of Oklahoma, Dynamic Funds, part of the third

Three Take Aways from Ken Macro’s “Graphic Communication is Sexy” ACUP presentation

A conversation with Ken Macro about his ACUP Keynote Presentation I sat down with Ken Macro at the annual Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) conference to talk  about his keynote presentation, “Graphic Communication is Sexier than Printing.”  I asked him what he felt were the three things in-plants- both higher ed and other

Uplifting Ideas from University In-plants at the ACUP Conference

Higher Education In-Plants Share Tips and Knowledge at ACUP Conference I recently had the opportunity to experience my first ACUP (Association of College and University Printers) conference. While RSA has been a sponsor for many years, this was my first conference. Like other conferences, this one had it's share of education sessions, networking and a

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Relevancy Is the No. 3 Top Issue Facing In-Plants

In article one in this series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers, we discussed how in-plants address outsourcing, and in article two, reducing costs. Third in the series, this article looks at how in-plants remain relevant to their parent organizations and their customers. Four in-plant managers from some of the largest in-plants