3 Questions to Explore to Build a Data-Driven In-plant in 2020

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends sees data as critical for the printing industry’s future. Ryan McAbee offers three questions for in-plants to contemplate to plan how to be a data-driven in-plant in 2020. We'll visit each of these in-depth throughout the year with tips to help keep you on track.

Video: Two Things In-plants Need for Survival

Howie Fenton interviews RSA about the two-pronged approach in-plants need to survive. Reducing print production costs and building more value-added products and services to offset the decline of traditional products are the two things in-plant print centers need to do to remain competitive and use the balanced scorecard approach.

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Trend #3: Is Cycle Time the Most Important Thing?

Trend #3: Is Cycle Time the Most Important Thing? Is Cycle Time the Most Important Trend to Address in 2020? Customers always want work faster but could the ability to turn work around faster become the most important service an in-plant can offer? In our two previous trends articles we discussed how in-plants can prepare

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In-plant Value: Trend #2 to Address in 2020

In-plant Value: Trend #2 to Address in 2020 Just as the application mix for most in-plants will change so will the perceived value of the in-plant. In our first article about preparing for trends in 2020 we discussed staffing issues and four ways in-plants are addressing this trend. In this article we will discuss how

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