In-plants: Team Re-Org Tips from an In-plant Leader

“In-Plant Print Leader Chat” Session- Reorganizing Teams for Efficiency In this session of our occasional audio series, "In-Plant Print Leader Chat" our featured in-plant leader chats about reorganizing reams for efficiency.  Re-aligning your in-plant’s team to meet new needs or handle more work with fewer people is a fact of in-plant life. Tim Hendrix, Program

Debbie Gallagher Reveals Government Secrets at GRAPH EXPO Session

By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director Empowered In-plants: Tell-All Success Stories from the Field– Session Panelist Close Up This article is the third of a four part in-depth series introducing each of the successful in-plant panelists at the headliner event for the new in-plant education track at GRAPH EXPO.  Titled “Empowered In-plants: Tell-All Success Stories from