What We Can Learn from Amazon to Create a Better Customer Experience

What We Can Learn from Amazon to Create a Better Customer Experience The role of e-Commerce in the customer experience is increasing as more customers demand service like world class e-commerce sites such as Amazon. This is the second in a series of articles that talk about the role of software automation in enhancing superior

Why Web to Print May or May Not Enhance Your Value and Customer’s Experience

Why Web to Print May or May Not Enhance Your Value and Customer’s Experience This is the first of a two-part series that talks about the role of Web to print in customer satisfaction and your customer’s perception of value. Anyone not offering Web to print should realize that Web to print software can not

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Workflow Flossing Print 18 Panelist Closeup- Sanford Health

Sanford Health to Discuss Workflow Streamlining Initiative in Print 18 Session This is the first article introducing each of the three in-plant panelists for the Print 18 “In-Plant Panel: Workflow Flossing” session that I’ll be moderating on September 30th. The panel features in-plant leaders in Healthcare, Government and Higher Education. Reducing or keeping costs low

K-12 Video: Saving millions with Web to Print. What’s not to Love?

Frisco ISD Saves Millions and Adds Efficiency with WebCRD Frisco Independent School District (FISD) is one of the fastest growing districts in the nation. They are expected to grow by 2,500 students each year for the next 10 years. To help them handle the growth by maximizing production capabilities while controlling costs, the district's Print/Mail/Sign

Webinar 6/28: Optimize Ordering and Print Center Efficiency with Web-to-Print

In-Plant Web to Print Webinar Features 4th Largest Government Printer Increasing efficiency and improving the customer ordering process should be key goals for every in-plant. In this June 28th webinar (2pm ET|11am PT) you will learn how the State of Oregon’s Publishing & Distribution unit plans to accomplish both of these objectives by implementing Web

Web to Print Best Practices Series: 7 Ways to Expand Your Reach & Influence

Expanding Your Reach and Influence   You’ve launched and rolled out your system. Step back and take a look at what comes next. You will likely want to reach more customers, add capabilities, automate workflow more, or conduct other key initiatives to continue your growth and maintain relevancy. Technology does not stand still. Your in-plant should

Web to Print Reduces Production Costs 20-50%

Calculating the Savings Associated with Web to Print In a recent seminar, while discussing the advantages of software automation, I mentioned that Web to print software can reduce manufacturing costs between 20-50%. Immediately, someone in the audience asked how that was possible when the cost of paper alone is 25% of the price. Clearly this

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Web to Print Best Practices Series: 4 Web to Print Production and Automation Best Practices

Best Practices for Web to Print Production and Automation Web to print systems come in a couple of different types to drive print production and workflow automation: Web Ordering– Download and Print (offers only submission)- This type offers an e-commerce front-end to submit jobs to the print center but does not send print jobs directly

Web to Print Best Practices Series: 4 Pricing Best Practices

Pricing Options and 4 Pricing Best Practices for Customers and Web to Print Systems Most in-plants have a published price list that covers their common services that may include a selection of papers, B/W and Color printing, wide format, finishing, services like laminating and foam core, and specialty products. Consumers today want simple and fair