Technology’s Increasing Importance for Engaging Staff

A recent Harvard Business Review survey concluded overwhelmingly that technology has a greater impact on employee engagement than it did three years ago and will continue to be a major factor. Utilize the latest technologies in your print shop and ensure your staff has an active role in using, remaining current and fully employing these technologies as part of an overall employee engagement strategy to foster engagement and attract and retain staff.

Two Videos Reveal Web to Print Benefits for K-12

Two new videos from RSA detail how our Web to print and workflow management software is exactly what Chino Valley Unified School District’s in-plant print center needs right now. Watch to see how they have navigated change from COVID-19 and the overall benefits they have realized using WebCRD.

Software Dashboards and New Trends in Data Collection

The idea of business dashboards is not new. What is new is that dashboards have become a mainstream management tool and now upper management may request access to dashboards. Business dashboards typically provide a graphical display of critical information such as day to day data, key performance indicators (KPIs) or benchmarks. One of the main problems, however, is the lack of availability of dashboards. One of the few companies that offers a dashboard is RSA.

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Irony: 46% of In-plants Manually Track Operational Performance

While the top key business initiative for in-plants is to focus on reducing production costs and improving efficiency, ironically almost half track their operational key performance indicators (KPIs) manually. It's imperative to automate the production process and the data collection during the process to effectively manage a shop. Using your shop's data can identify the root cause of issues such as why you may not be meeting your on-time deliveries/SLAs- the most used in-plant operational KPI.

How to Estimate Staffing Needs as Workload Changes

Howie Fenton shares a method to estimate staffing needs as your revenue changes using your current sales per employee ratio (SPE) and anticipated revenue changes. Adding automation and shifting and cross training staff can address workflow gaps and bottlenecks that result from staff imbalances.