How Does Web to Print Provide Benefits to the In-Plant and the Customer?

In a previous blog (Software Ownership, Reducing Costs and Adding Value), we presented the idea that the most valuable software has benefits for the in-plant staff and for the customer. Unfortunately, the chart did not make a strong case. In this blog we will try to make a better case. Below is a funnel chart that is often used to represent the different stages of a process such as the sales process.

Web to print benefit chart for in-plants and customers

Data is derived from “Software and Automation Trends in the In-Plant Industry,” In-plant Graphics, 2018

The chart combines answers from two questions from a recent In-Plant Graphics research report, “Software and Automation Trends in the In-Plant Industry,” (2018) :

  1. “What are the Top benefits of Web to print” and
  2. What are the Most Beneficial Features of Web to print?”
WTP IPG Software and Automation trends research charts

Source: “Software and Automation Trends in the In-Plant Industry,” In-plant Graphics, 2018

Strictly speaking you should not combine the answers from the two questions. However, we are not suggesting the importance to the rank order of these answers but instead trying to illustrate how software can benefit both the in-plant and the customer.

In the funnel chart, for each answer there are yellow boxes to denote if the benefit is for the in-plant, the customer or both. As expected, some of the benefits are more relevant for the in-plant (generating reports, free up staff to do other things, automated PDF conversion, reporting capabilities and increase business or revenue).

What is most interesting, however are the seven benefits shown that help both the in-plant and the customer. Why is this important? If you created similar charts for most other production software (Print MIS, VDP, PDF workflow, fleet, mailing, shipping, etc.) you would not see many benefits for customers. That is why Web to print provides benefits to both the in-plant and the customer.

Download the report now for this and other insights about how software and automation provide benefits in the in-plant industry.


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