At RSA, a common question we hear is “Who should I acquire my Web to Print solution from?” Our recommendation is to expand the question to include ownership of the software license. Acquiring the software from you primary production print vendor is generally the best option— provided that you have provisions to own the software license.

Why Software Ownership is Important


Why is ownership so important? While your printers depreciate over time, your Web to print solution will appreciate over time. Here’s how:

  • Think about how Web to print software will change how your customers interact with you. After an initial learning curve, this will the primary- or in many cases the only– way to submit a job or order catalog items from your print center.
  • The software will continue to evolve, add enhancements and improve workflow with new software releases.
  • The right solution should be printer independent so there is no need to change your software when you change printers. The Web to print solution should be compatible with every production printer.
  • You will build on the Web to print system continuously. Add catalog items, add or enhance your VDP offerings, integrate with other systems and add new software modules.

Establishing Software Ownership

Ownership is designated at time of acquisition. If the solution is part of an equipment lease, make sure you have a buy-out provision for the software.

Now that you have ownership established, acquiring the software from your print vendor has many advantages. Your print vendor can add value to the installation:

  • Provide on-site assistance.
  • Facilitate automated printing directly to the production printers.
  • Assist with project planning, pilot introduction and roll out of the solution.

RSA’s Web to print solution, WebCRD, is designed specifically for in-plant print centers. RSA works with all production print vendors and WebCRD can print directly (no re-ticketing) to all production printers regardless of manufacturer and print controller. Contact us today to learn more about digital print workflow software.

About the Author:

Tim Kelly is RSA’s Senior Vice President responsible for Sales, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Customer Service and Operations. Mr. Kelly has over 30 years of experience in the software industry. Mr. Kelly joined RSA in 1994. During his tenure at RSA, he has helped RSA become a leader in Web to print, Variable Data, Legacy Transform and Output Management software solutions

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