VLOG: Steps 7 to 9 of Nine Steps to In-plant Profitability Series

This vlog is the final post of our three-part series about the nine steps that I see that in-plants need to take to increase their financial stability. This was written before the pandemic, but it is just as relevant, and some could argue even more relevant because all three of these videos describe issues that require some time to complete. If you work on these now, when life starts to return to normal you will return stronger.  

In part one of this nine-steps series, I outlined all nine steps and talked about the first three steps (accurate costs, workflow automation, and up-to-date staffing strategy). In part two, I talked about steps four through six, (productive procedures, happy customers, and the need for good metrics and KPIs).  

In this final post we’re going to discuss the last three steps- pricing strategy, utilization and growth, and value-added products. 

Watch the Nine Steps Webinar Replay and Download the Resource Guide to Learn More 

To get more detail about the nine steps, watch this webinar replay of “Nine Steps to In-plant Financial Stability” where I presented the nine steps in detail for In-plant Impressions and RSA. A special bonus is RSA’s exclusive “Nine Steps for In-plant Financial Stability Resource Guide.” 

About the Author:

Howie Fenton is an independent consultant and trusted advisor to in-plant printers. He recommends equipment, best practices and workflow automation tools to streamline operations. To learn more about measuring performance, benchmarking to leaders, and improving your value e-mail Howie@howiefentonconsulting.com.

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