The No. 2 Top In-Plant Issue – Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiencies

17 Ways to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies with Workflow Software This article is the second in a series about the top five challenges facing in-plant print centers. This article focuses on what has been identified by in-plants in the U.S. Production Software Investment Outlook (InfoTrends, 2015) as their top business direction in the next

UCLA In-Plant Webinar “Harnessing Digital Workflow”

UCLA In-Plant  –  Part Healthcare and Part Higher Ed UCLA is both the most applied-to university in the nation and a health care provider (UCLA Health) that ranks as one of the top three hospitals in the nation, with 150 primary care and specialty care offices that receive nearly two million patient visits annually. Enrollment

Progressive’s 7-Step Insourcing Journey

By Elisha Kasinskas At a recent presentation sponsored by Rochester Software Associates, Tom Rohrbach, IT Systems Engineer Consultant at Progressive, shared a 7-step framework that Progressive utilized to determine the optimal balance of in-house and outsourced work for their firm. In addition to the 7-step process, Rorhbach related the key project learnings. Watch the entire

In with Old, Out with New: Ways to Create Printing Innovation, Part 2

Multiple Inputs & Outputs Managed with Data Transformation, Output Management By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director Innovation in technology is not simply about updating your systems to the latest hardware or interface. Innovation can also be about the value gained when technology is harnessed in such a way that it makes daily activities more efficient. In

Old Data, New Documents: Two Solutions, One Answer

In with Old, Out with New: Ways to Create Printing Innovation, Part 1 of 2 By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director When you think about technology advances, you usually picture the latest hardware, interfaces and protocols. However, with so much history and information tied up as legacy data on mainframes, sometimes the most valuable advances come

Tom Rohrbach Discusses Being Progressive at PRINT 13 In-Plant Panel

By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director, and Carla Crandall, Design and Marketing Co-op This article is the third of an in-depth series introducing each of the in-plant panelists on the PRINT 13 panel I’ll be moderating on September 9th, titled “Empowered In-plants: Tell-All Success Stories from the Field.” The session features in-plant leaders in insurance, higher education

Build a Better In-Plant: Four VDP Tips to Get You Started

By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director Need tips to help you “Build a Better In-Plant?”  This quarter’s tips are VDP strategies to start your variable business. Part of RSA’s “Build a Better In-Plant” series Every in-plant manager struggles with a constant shift of customer priorities. In the middle of those requests is one for a customizable

Your Print Center Needs a Traffic Cop (Output Management Software)

By Elisha Kasinskas, Marketing Director Complexity Simplified and Money Saved with Print Management In the past, only high volume operations had central output management system software.  However, as print center complexity has increased- think about the variety of input sources, the mix of printers, and the multitude of possible outputs- a tool to automate, centralize