Webinar: Big Savings with Healthy Web to Print

Register now for the 2/27 In-plant Graphics webinar, "Big Savings with Healthy Web to Print." 2pm ET |11am PT. As part of a top-ranked ranked Healthcare Supply Chain organization, Intermountain Healthcare’s Design and Print Center (DPC) adheres to high standards. While the supply chain center has been a model of efficiency and savings, the in-plant

In-Plant Primer 201: The “Best” Production Print Operational Metrics

In-Plant Primer 201: Article #5- The “Best” Production Print Operational Metrics This article is part of our dealer and vendor in-plant education initiative called “In-Plant Primer: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts.” Divided into six basic (101) and six advanced topics, this is the fifth post of the advanced in-plant primer series, “In-Plant Primer 201:

Does a Shift in In-plant Business Models Mean More Financial Accountability?

Does a Shift in In-plant Business Models Mean More Financial Accountability? In our last In-plant Insights blog post we talked about the different in-plant business models: fully funded, partially funded and partially charge-back, full cost recovery / break-even and revenue or profit-driven. During a recent webinar, we offered an observation about the changing business models

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Learn How to Optimize Prepress and Imposition Workflow in 8/29 Webinar

Optimize Prepress and Imposition Workflow- a Joint Webinar with RSA and Ultimate TechnoGraphics Register now for the “Optimizing Prepress and Imposition Workflow” webinar on August 29th at 3pm EDT. Presented by RSA and Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Inc. (makers of Impostrip® imposition software), learn how you can: Create repeatable and reusable processes and stop continually rebuilding the

12 Reasons Why In-Plant Print Centers Should Attend Print 17

If you skipped Graph Expo last year, haven’t been in a while or have never attended, you may be wondering what’s new or why you should attend Print 17, September 10-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Transformed into a new experience after extensive input from thousands of stakeholders, including in-plants, NPES has a long track

Register Now: In-Plant Dealer/Vendor Webinar 8/23 2pm EDT

In-Plant Dealer/Vendor Webinar: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts Register today for the August 23rd, 2pm EDT "In-Plant Dealer/Vendor Webinar: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts." This webinar is part of our initiative “In-Plant Primer: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts,” to educate dealers, reps and owners and print equipment vendors about

In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges eBook

eBook Compilation of the Six-article “In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges” Series for Dealers and Vendors Available now, this eBook is a compilation of the six-article series, “In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges,” covering valuable, basic in-plant market information, including: Defining in-plant print centers and the typical problems they face Discussion of the typical contacts

Justifying Your Existence 3-Part Series: #2- Benchmark Your In-plant

Justifying Your Existence: Part Two- Benchmark Your In-plant This is the second of three blogs that address how to create a strategy to justify your existence and prove the value of the in-plant, corporate or in-house print center. In the first blog, we talked about measuring performance. In this blog, we are discussing bench-marking performance.

Justifying Your Existence 3-Part Series: #1- Measure Performance

Justifying Your Existence: Part One- Measure Performance In the recent PRIMIR study entitled “Digital Printing Technology's Influence on the U.S. In-Plant Printing Market” that IMG worked on with IDC, we identified that the top in-plant challenges focused on justifying: Investments in new print technology The value of the in-plant, and Investing in non-print technology or

Bottleneck Impact the Same Throughout the Workflow Process

Implementing The Goal Before the holidays, I recommended reading the book The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Goldratt and Cox. It is an interesting book with a slightly different take on how to think about your workflow. Traditionally when we think about workflow we think about how fast equipment works. For example, how